April 16, 2010

Cool Picture

I rarely have the opportunity to play around with macro photography. I love it and I adore some of the beautiful fine art images I see all over the Internet and in the books I read.

I was inspired by the beautiful flowers that are starting to bloom all over the area and decided to try photographing something out of my comfort zone. I took the picture this morning right after I picked the daffodils from my garden.

I think it is a very unusual picture. I love it and I am going to get a huge enlargement of it...I just need to find a big wall space for it.

Would love to hear your thoughts on it. Thanks for looking!

April 12, 2010

So sweet, Newborn Photographer

I loved taking this little man's picture. Look at his bright eyes and the eye contact...

April 11, 2010

Family Fun, Custom/Lifestyle Photographer

I love meeting new people and I had such a joy interacting with this awesome family. Our children are almost exactly the same age, so we had lots of fun talking about the antics of toddlers! The cute little guy just celebrated his first birthday so mommy wanted to do some fun pictures with the family. Enjoy your sneak peek N family and thanks so much for welcoming me into your home!
Look at the sparkling blue eyes!
This little lady was very excited to show me her room. What a sweet smile...
I love to watch siblings interact. This little guy likes to watch his big sister and was so excited when we put him on the bed with her. The smiles were so bright!
Happy 1st birthday to this adorable boy!

I think he enjoyed his birthday cake!

April 10, 2010

Baby Boy, Newborn Photographer

Several weeks ago I met this beautiful family. Today I had the opportunity to meet the newest member! Baby boy B is such a handsome guy and very sweet. I loved his eye contact and alertness. It was fun watching his big brother and sister dote over him.

The happy family.
Love his little toes...
Big yawn. What a sweet little guy. He liked to stretch out.
I just loved his alertness and his amazing eye contact.

Beautiful kids.

I did a little shopping on Etsy in preparation for the baby boy newborn session. I can't get over this fun hat! He looked adorable! The lovely blanket was made by a friend of the family.