May 30, 2010

Stunning Wedding, Captital District Wedding Photographer

I have spent the last two weekends with such wonderful people as they celebrated the most special day of their lives. Yesterday Steve and I photographed a STUNNING couple at their wedding in Schenectady. Here are just a few photos that I couldn't resist posting. When I get back into town, I will post many more from this couple's beautiful wedding.

Here is the stunning bride as she finished getting dressed. I loved the light streaming through this window. Steve photographed the men as they were getting ready and I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph all of the ladies. We had a great time chatting and they were all so awesome. Many thanks to all of you for making my job so easy! I kept telling the bride how calm she was.
Beautiful couple.
The church in Schenectady was absolutely beautiful. Steve was photographing the groom and I took this lovely lady over to the church wall. What an amazing background for this amazing beauty. My camera loved her and I barely had to instruct her on posing as she loved the camera too!
During the reception we snuck outside to take a few pictures. I turned the flash off and found the most amazing lighting under this beautiful lantern. I have so many favorite images from our little nighttime mini photo session, but this one struck me right away. The gorgeous bride was so enthralled with this lantern and I think it really shows in this image. Talk about "finding the light."
To the happy couple, wishing you a wonderful honeymoon! Check back in a few days for more of a sneak peek. Many thanks to the bride and groom and to all of the family and friends. You were a fantastic group to work with.
It was wonderful meeting all of you and I wish you all of the happiness in the world.

May 27, 2010

Just a few more wedding photos

Just a few more from this past weekend. I am looking forward to photographing another wedding this weekend!

The happy couple with a special little lady. I still love some of the traditional wedding images. The flowers were so lovely too. Had to get them in this shot.
Love the lighting in this one and the beautiful detail of the dress.
The beautiful and sweet bride.

May 23, 2010

Wedding Bells, Wedding Photographer

Saturday morning I hit the road with my friend and photography mentor, Steve, to shoot a wedding in Fort Plain. What a beautiful day with an equally beautiful couple. M and G were an amazing couple to work with. We spent a lot of time laughing and having a great time.

This fantastic couple already left for their honeymoon out of the country, so they won't enjoy their sneak peek until they return but I know the families are anxious to see some photos from the celebration.
I've said it before and I will say it again, I love it when one of my customers say that they love a particular shot that I took and would like me to do the same for them. M saw one of my past wedding photos of an engagement ring in a bouquet. She asked that I do the same with her engagement ring. My pleasure! What a beautiful ring! I love the first dance. The expressions are priceless. I LOVE IT!! Cake smash at its best.Let's get this party started!!!!

Love it when the suit jacket comes off and the relaxing begins!!

There is a photographic technique to get this "spinning" look. Setting a low shutter speed and spinning my camera creates this fun effect. The ladies are having a good time and it looks like fire is shooting out of the bottle!!! Funny story, just before this particular shot, I was taking another picture of the bridal party dancing using the same technique....lets just say that the picture resulted in an R rated image- purely innocent on the part of the ladies! Needless to say, that photo will stay out of the sneak peek! Hysterical!

M and G, wishing you the very best of luck in your future!

Hope you are having a fabulous honeymoon. We will be in touch when you return!

Steve, as alway, it is great working with you. Thanks for "2nd shooting" for me yesterday. I will be glad to return the favor next week when we shoot another awesome wedding together! I promise to keep it under 700 images!

4 Day Old Beauty, Newborn Photographer

This morning I visited with the G family for the second time. Baby S arrived 4 days ago and to say that she is so adorable is an understatement. What a little beauty. Add the big sister and it is adorableness overload!

M was keeping an eye on her baby sister.

Mommy did a little shopping on Etsy in preparation for our photo session. I love it when families have ideas of what they want by way of pictures. We had fun playing dress up with this little darling.

Thanks again for entrusting me with your family memories. I hope to be photographing you for many years to come. Enjoy your little beauties!

May 20, 2010

Another Cool Picture

I have been playing again and coveting a macro lens. I saw this photo composition online and had to recreate it for myself. I think it turned out pretty cool.

I can envision this print enlarged for a child's playroom or bedroom. It speaks of childhood and arts and crafts!

May 17, 2010

Baby on the way, Destination Maternity Photographer

While I was in Rochester yesterday to photograph the D family and their new baby boy, I got to meet this beautiful family also! The two dads are brothers. This family is anxiously awaiting the birth of their second baby and wanted to capture of few family photos before the new addition arrives.

I love moments like this. Catching the spirit of mommy and daughter. This little lady has the sweetest smile.
The beautiful mom to be.

This family of three will become four in a couple of weeks!
It was wonderful to meet you D family and I can't wait to meet the newest addition in a few short weeks!

Baby Boy H, Destination Newborn Photographer

I have had the pleasure of photographing the P family for several years and I finally had the opportunity to meet S's sister and her family yesterday. I hit the road early in the morning and drove to Rochester to meet this beautiful family and to photograph their new baby boy.

Words cannot express what fun it is being in the presence of these two sisters. They have the happiest and most fun spirit of anyone I know. I told my husband when I got home that you can't help but be happy when you are with these two ladies. Thanks for making my trip so fun.

Here is an adorable image of mom, dad and baby H. Big sister was still napping. Many thanks to daddy for helping out with the girls while mommy, S and I were working with the baby.

Big sister is so adorable. I love her expression in this one.
Tiny toes. I never get tired of this particular image and most of my customers request it!
Who can resist two little babies? Not me! The sisters had babies about 3 months apart. It seems like just yesterday I was taking baby A's picture, now she is a happy 3 month old. She and baby H were sucking their thumbs in this shot. So cute.

There is a story to this particular "airplane" image. I was thumbing through a magazine and saw an advertisement (for women's razors of all things). It was a mother and child playing airplane. I thought, why not add the newborn...and we came up with this adorable, candid, fun shot!! You never know where inspiration will strike!
This little guys stayed asleep the whole time! It is a good thing mommy likes sleepy baby images.
I will end the sneak peek with this particular image. I love it when customers have ideas for what they want. The sisters found an image online that they absolutely loved. As we were sitting down for lunch, they showed me the image and I said lets do it. I think we got it. I see a huge panoramic size of this somewhere in their home. What a cool, unusual, and very "artsy" image. Love it!
It was so nice to finally meet you D family. I have had an amazing time photographing your sister and her family for the last several years! Hopefully I will be seeing you again soon too. Best of luck with the new baby and with all the wonderful things that come with being a family of four.

May 11, 2010

I'm Jealous

One of my customers ordered several 16x20 prints from her recent maternity and newborn sessions. The snapshot I took of the print doesn't do it justice. This will be a great size for her new wall display. Can't wait to deliver the image to her. This was my favorite image of the three beautiful B kids.

I told her I was jealous because I love this particular print size and I don't have one in my home!

May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

My friends celebrated Mother's Day with a brunch with their family. I told K to give me a call when they returned home so that I could take a few family photos of them for Mother's Day. I was so happy to discover that the rest of the family wanted to join in the fun. It was so nice to see the family gathering on such a special day.

Love how big boy S held onto Daddy's ear in this photo.
Grandma and Grandpa and one of their cuties.
Mom and her two children...
Grandma and grandson...adorable!

The family is about to be blessed with a little baby girl. Congrats!
Thanks for letting me create some 2010 Mother's Day memories for you!