September 29, 2010

Half a Year!

Hello beautiful baby girl. How has more than a half of a year gone by already? I took your mommy's maternity photos and your newborn photos and here we are this afternoon taking your 6...ok...7 month photos!!! Thanks for being such a good baby and thanks for the amazing smiles.

Pure preciousness in the pure light.
Many thanks to the P family for letting me document this little lady's growth! Looking forward to photographing the whole family in a few short weeks!

September 28, 2010

Sweet baby S

Mommy is waiting so patiently for these photos. Thought I would post one more for her to see.

This one is for the proud Grandma.

September 26, 2010

Happy Fall

September 25, 2010


Many thanks to this family for meeting me again this weekend to try for some more family photos! Customers of Studio B Photography know that I pride myself on giving them a large number of images to choose from. I met up with this family last weekend and we just didn't get enough family shots that we were hoping for. I think we succeeded beautifully this morning! Now they have two photo sessions to choose from!!

Brown Eyed Beauty!!
Little Baby Doll!!

All done!
Great seeing you for the second time. I will look forward to seeing you next month when we get the entire C family together for a family photo.

September 19, 2010

Just because she is so beautiful

I think this daddy is in love with his little lady, don't you think?
I think she is a little beauty, don't you think?
I think this new mommy is amazing and my heart soared every time she sang to her sweet girl.

Day at the Park

I have had a weekend full of adorable families! Today I met up with this family and had a great time chasing the kids around as they helped me search for some great photo backdrops.

All three kids were amazing to work with as they were super cooperative, listened so well and had fun!
Look at her face! I can't get over the dimple!
These two cuties loved the camera! M gave me the best smiles and P loved to pose.
Another great family shot.
Great meeting you M family. I hope you had a great afternoon apple picking! Hope to work with you again in the future.

Precious Baby Girl

This beautiful little lady decided to surprise her parents by arriving 5 weeks early. Healthy and as sweet as can be. I met her yesterday and I can't believe what a little peanut she is. Her due date is actually next week!

These new parents work as an amazing team. It was really great to see.

Sweet baby toes. Daddy told me he loves these particular images.
She was most content being draped over Daddy's arm. The weather was beautiful and she seemed to enjoy the fresh air.
The happy family of three.
Great seeing you again C family. I enjoyed meeting your brother and his family yesterday. Can't wait to get all of the family together for a group picture. See you in a few weeks!!!

September 18, 2010

Adorable Family!

I met this wonderful family this morning. The girls have the sweetest personalities! I marvelled over the differences in their personalities and their looks. The camera loved them all!

So sweet...
What a little beauty. I could just stare at her baby blues all day! She must have liked me because she kept giving me kisses as I was packing my camera bag up! So cute.
Miss S was such a good girl. She was so cooperative!
It was great meeting you C family. Can't wait to see you later in the fall when we get combined family photos!

September 17, 2010

Busy Weekend!

After a few weeks off, I am looking forward to a full weekend. I am anxious to meet and photograph two families and a sweet newborn who is lucky to have these two as her parents!