October 14, 2009

Another Beautiful Fall Wedding

I love fall weddings. I had a great day with L and G and their amazing family. This couple has been together for 21 years and I had to ask, why now! I am sure they get asked that question pretty often! Mr. G is the most hysterical man I have ever met. You cannot be in his presense for more than 5 minutes without laughing hysterically. They were such a joy to work with and I hope the photos reflect the spirit of this family.

The anticipation of the day begins with the bride getting ready...look at her flawless skin!

Mom and daughter's special moment before heading to the church...

Sweet little J was so adorable. She didn't like the camera very much, but I got a couple of cute shots. She was wearing the most beautiful handmade jacket made by her grandmother. It was a good thing she had it on because the day was crisp...but that smile sure warmed my heart.

The church was stunning - in and out.

I love her expression. She was a glowing bride.

Look at that little guy's face : ) Not the best "technical" picture, but who can resist that smile! You should have seen him dancing at the reception. What a handsome kid. Unreal!

The first dance...always so special to watch.

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