February 28, 2010

Sleepy Baby, Newborn Photographer

Baby A finally arrived. At 10 days old, she was such a contented baby to interact with. I spent this afternoon hanging out with the three kids and the wonderful parents. I hope you enjoy your sneak peek. Thanks again for trusting me to take your family photographs. I hope you cherish the memories that we captured today.

Tiny feet and big feet! My favorite moment of the day!
The older kids were so excited to try this pose. Daddy and I were a little freaked out, but they did great! Baby A loves to have her big brother and sister around.
Baby A was having none of this pose, but I still like this image.
Big sister is totally in love with Baby A. It was really sweet to watch her interact with the baby.
This was the most wakeful she was during the whole photo session.
I love wakeful baby pictures, but this little lady wanted to sleep all afternoon. I had about 10 minutes to get a couple of open eyed shots. What a doll.

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