October 8, 2010

Evening at the farm

I spent the evening with this wonderful family on their beautiful farm. I owe many thanks to this family for being my biggest "cheerleaders." They appreciate my style of photography and keep coming back every year. So E, P and D families, thanks so much! Your support means the world to me. Many more years and many more babies to come, I hope ; )

Uncle G and all the kids!
The D family. We managed to keep pretty dry after all of this rain.
Getting a little love from his mommy. Getting a little love from her daddy!
Hello again little lady. Didn't I just see you a week ago? I never get tired of your baby blues or your big smiles!

Such a big girl now. We took this same shot last year and she has grown so much in a year.

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  1. We can't believe you have these up already! Love them! That one with Garth is so awesome...too bad he had to leave before the family shot in front of the tractor. So happy you got that shot with Harper smiling:)