January 9, 2010

My New Website!!!!

After a very successful 2009 for Studio B Photography, I have decided to have a web page designed. I am so excited and I found a wonderful web designer who has been amazing to work with. I will give her a shout out as soon as I get permission. The site is under construction right now and will direct you to this blog until it is complete... but take a peek anyway and look at the cool graphic that the designer chose for the construction phase!

As I mentioned in a previous post, many thanks to my wonderful clients for making 2009 a great year. I have a lot of ideas for a very fun/creative 2010 and hope to see you and your families again in this new year. Here is the link to the "under construction" site. Tell me what you think...leave a comment below. http://studiobphotography-jody.com/ And what is a post without a picture? Well, not a picture, but an image of what will likely be my new business cards.

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