August 2, 2010

Summer Fun, Capital District Children's Photographer

You might recognize these adorable kids. I have photographed them for almost two years now. Mom called me up and asked if I could update some pictures for her frames. I assumed she also wanted to prepare for holiday cards as we did last winter, but she said she wanted some fun summer shots and then we would do pictures in the fall too! How fun. I think we managed to capture summer!

Thanks to their Daddy for suggesting we "toss" the kids up in their favorite tree! And I mean literally toss!

Love the green eyes!
What says summer more than barefeet hanging from the hideout tree?
Big boy and all of his adorableness. I photographed him when he was just a small toddler. Now look at him!
M loved posing for the camera!
They have a pretty front porch and mom asked me to photograph them sitting on the steps. So cute and so summer.
Great seeing you again S family. I will see you in the fall. At least we won't worry about snow falling on my camera like last winter!

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