June 17, 2010

Fantastic Family, Maternity/Family Photographer

Yet another wonderful family celebrating the upcoming arrival of a new little one! I met this family this past weekend and couldn't be more happy for them as they anticipate the arrival of their third daughter. Daddy and I had a good laugh about all of the future weddings!

T was such an easy person to photograph. She looks amazing and is due in just a few weeks. Love the quiet moment in this photo.

Such a pretty mom.

I was happy to take this photograph for T as she made a request for this image. I know I say it often, but I really really really love when a customer is comfortable asking me for a particular image.
The weather hasn't been very cooperative for my latest sessions in the last few weeks, but the V family home is so beautiful and full of wonderful light and equally wonderful backdrops for photos.
They have two beautiful daughters. I asked the little ladies if they were going to help mom change dirty diapers. I got an instant response of "no" from both of them! Love hanging out with such fun kids! H is a stunner. She knew just how to tilt her head and pose for the camera.

This little lady is so adorable and she just adores her big sister. I am sure she is going to adore her baby sister too. Funny story about this little lady. She and my own daughter share the same first name. Upon further discussion, we discovered they share the same middle name. Cute, but no big deal. It is a great name and it works well together. But upon even further discussion, we chatted about our girls' upcoming birthdays. THEY HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY TOO!!! Same first name, same middle name and same birthday. Too funny! It would have been even more crazy had they been the same age, but this beauty is a little older than mine!
Thank you V family for having me into your home to photograph your lovely family. It was such a pleasure meeting you and I will look forward to meeting the newest member of the family soon.

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