June 29, 2010

Beautiful Girl, Lake George Portrait Photographer

Rarely do I ever post personal photos to my business blog. I am making an exception this time. My niece and nephew are in NY visiting us for a few weeks. I stole a few moments alone with my niece to take her picture around Lake George. I love the images and can't wait to get some of these enlarged for myself and the family.

This black and white image is my absolute favorite.

This one, below, is her favorite.

I remember looking at a picture years ago on display at the local mall (when I was a photo editor for my high school paper). The photographer took a picture of a lovely young child in a field of ferns. That image has been in my head for so many years. Imagine my excitement when I found this field of ferns. The lighting wasn't ideal, but we tried it out. I will have to try this one another time when the lighting is more appealing.

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