July 11, 2010

More Summer Wedding Photos

As promised, here are a few more photos from last weekend's beautiful wedding.

I love photographing weddings. I especially love photographing the bride while she is getting ready. There is something so special about the anticipation. The room is always full of spirit.

Moments after becoming husband and wife. Love the grins!

The sun was casting such beautiful backlighting in the facility. E's smile glowed as beautifully as the light.
Can you tell that I am a big fan of backlighting? Lovely ladies.

I love capturing moments. Thought this one was kind of fun. I was half tempted to ask for a cigar after I got a whiff!
The lovely lady in the green dress is going to be married in a few days. Wishing you luck and happiness.


  1. Jody, it was so nice meeting you! What beautiful pics!!!!!

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment Deah! Great meeting you also!!!!