May 17, 2010

Baby Boy H, Destination Newborn Photographer

I have had the pleasure of photographing the P family for several years and I finally had the opportunity to meet S's sister and her family yesterday. I hit the road early in the morning and drove to Rochester to meet this beautiful family and to photograph their new baby boy.

Words cannot express what fun it is being in the presence of these two sisters. They have the happiest and most fun spirit of anyone I know. I told my husband when I got home that you can't help but be happy when you are with these two ladies. Thanks for making my trip so fun.

Here is an adorable image of mom, dad and baby H. Big sister was still napping. Many thanks to daddy for helping out with the girls while mommy, S and I were working with the baby.

Big sister is so adorable. I love her expression in this one.
Tiny toes. I never get tired of this particular image and most of my customers request it!
Who can resist two little babies? Not me! The sisters had babies about 3 months apart. It seems like just yesterday I was taking baby A's picture, now she is a happy 3 month old. She and baby H were sucking their thumbs in this shot. So cute.

There is a story to this particular "airplane" image. I was thumbing through a magazine and saw an advertisement (for women's razors of all things). It was a mother and child playing airplane. I thought, why not add the newborn...and we came up with this adorable, candid, fun shot!! You never know where inspiration will strike!
This little guys stayed asleep the whole time! It is a good thing mommy likes sleepy baby images.
I will end the sneak peek with this particular image. I love it when customers have ideas for what they want. The sisters found an image online that they absolutely loved. As we were sitting down for lunch, they showed me the image and I said lets do it. I think we got it. I see a huge panoramic size of this somewhere in their home. What a cool, unusual, and very "artsy" image. Love it!
It was so nice to finally meet you D family. I have had an amazing time photographing your sister and her family for the last several years! Hopefully I will be seeing you again soon too. Best of luck with the new baby and with all the wonderful things that come with being a family of four.

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  1. i am soooooooooo happy with my newborn shots!!! its awesome to have jody capture this time in a child's life that goes by way too quickly. i wish i had met jody when my 2-year-old was just born. LOVE th feet shots...the one in the sky came out better than i had expected and the ones of harper's feet with ryah's melts me. oh and even just the ones of his feet alone with the rest of his body blurry is precious. i feel very lucky to have these photos as memories since i know they grow up so fast. thanks jody! - ashley