May 23, 2010

Wedding Bells, Wedding Photographer

Saturday morning I hit the road with my friend and photography mentor, Steve, to shoot a wedding in Fort Plain. What a beautiful day with an equally beautiful couple. M and G were an amazing couple to work with. We spent a lot of time laughing and having a great time.

This fantastic couple already left for their honeymoon out of the country, so they won't enjoy their sneak peek until they return but I know the families are anxious to see some photos from the celebration.
I've said it before and I will say it again, I love it when one of my customers say that they love a particular shot that I took and would like me to do the same for them. M saw one of my past wedding photos of an engagement ring in a bouquet. She asked that I do the same with her engagement ring. My pleasure! What a beautiful ring! I love the first dance. The expressions are priceless. I LOVE IT!! Cake smash at its best.Let's get this party started!!!!

Love it when the suit jacket comes off and the relaxing begins!!

There is a photographic technique to get this "spinning" look. Setting a low shutter speed and spinning my camera creates this fun effect. The ladies are having a good time and it looks like fire is shooting out of the bottle!!! Funny story, just before this particular shot, I was taking another picture of the bridal party dancing using the same technique....lets just say that the picture resulted in an R rated image- purely innocent on the part of the ladies! Needless to say, that photo will stay out of the sneak peek! Hysterical!

M and G, wishing you the very best of luck in your future!

Hope you are having a fabulous honeymoon. We will be in touch when you return!

Steve, as alway, it is great working with you. Thanks for "2nd shooting" for me yesterday. I will be glad to return the favor next week when we shoot another awesome wedding together! I promise to keep it under 700 images!


  1. under 700 images! - Suuuuuuuurrrrrrrrre

  2. Steve, I promise...I will only take 700 images this weekend!